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2006 Sacagawea Golden Dollar from the Denver Mint

2006 Golden Dollar Coin

This 2006 Golden Dollar. These Golden Dollar coins are of uncirculated quality, minted at the United States Mint at Denver and have a "D" mint mark. We display a photo of the uncirculated roll these coins come from.

The obverse of the Golden Dollar coin features the likeness of Sacagawea, the young Shoshone woman who assisted Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific Northwest more than 200 years ago. The reverse design of the coin features a soaring bald eagle and 17 stars, one for each of the states at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The Golden Dollar can be used. However, because these coins have never been circulated , they also make a great addition to your private collection or a wonderful gift for someone special.

The Golden Dollar Coin

Sacagawea is the Shoshone Indian guide who appeared on the scene of history in 1804 to assist Lewis and Clark on their momentous expedition west, however that was not her last appearance. In 2000 she was making history again, becoming immortalized on the Golden Dollar coin.

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Price: $5.50

Product Code: 2006GDOLMD
Uncirculated roll photos are displayed to show that the coins are indeed uncirculated.

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